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Piper fills your CRM, takes notes, drafts emails, schedules your next call, and more

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How it works


Effortless meeting prep

Piper gives you a comprehensive view of all past interactions, so you're briefed on every deal within seconds.

Piper also recommends specific talking points and questions tailored to maximize deal success.

Seal the deal. Choose Piper.


State-of-the-art call intelligence

Piper boasts multi-lingual state-of-the-art technology that accurately captures and transcribes all of your conversations and scans them for specific ideas and insights that are important to you.

At last, sales-specific AI at your fingertips. Choose Piper


Full pipeline automation

Yes, you read it correctly! Piper automatically fills data-related fields in your CRM, so that you don’t have to.

Stop wasting endless hours filling out your CRM, lest Piper do it, and focus on selling more.


The sales assistant you’ve been waiting for

Piper is the ultimate sidekick for salespeople, streamlining tasks to enhance efficiency.

From summarizing calls and generating meeting notes to identifying next steps and turning them into actionable tasks, Piper’s got your back!

Need help drafting an email for a client or scheduling your next call? Consider it done.

Free up your time. Choose Piper


Effortless meeting prep

Piper gives you a comprehensive view of all past interactions, so you're briefed on vital details within seconds

Also, Piper recommends specific talking points and questions tailored to maximize deal success

Seal the deal. Choose Piper


State-of-the-art call intelligence

Piper provides accurate multi-lingual transcriptions and summaries of your customer engagements

Did we say intelligence? Piper decodes what’s really going on in the call, providing specific insights that are important to you

Unearth the gold in every call. Choose Piper


Full pipeline automation

You read it right! Piper auto-fills 100% of deal-related fields in your CRM, so you can save hours spent on data entry

With 50+ standard fields and the freedom to create custom ones, Piper handles the heavy lifting while you focus on selling

Free up your time. Choose Piper


Next-gen sales assistance

Piper is the ultimate AI partner for sales teams. From crafting meeting notes to organizing next steps into actionable tasks, Piper's got it covered

Need an email draft or help with scheduling your next call? Consider it done

Free up your mind. Choose Piper

Talk to Piper and unleash insights
from every data point

Piper’s powerful AI dialogue interface gives you what you need, whenever you need it

Piper supports you from start to end


Before the meeting

  • Upcoming Meeting Prep
    Brings you up-to-speed on every deal, considering all past interactions
  • Tailored Talking Points
    Suggests targeted discussion topics and questions to ensure a successful meeting

During the meeting

  • Active Transcription
    Provides state-of-the-art, multi-lingual transcriptions, highlighting key ideas and concepts
  • Effortless Note Taking
    Creates comprehensive and actionable meeting notes that can be shared with your team
  • Call Summary
    Automatically generates accurate call summaries that you can go back to whenever you need

After the meeting

  • Task Automation
    Identifies next steps, converts them into actionable tasks, and assigns owners and deadlines
  • Follow-up Assistance
    Drafts emails for client follow-up and schedules your next call
  • CRM Automation
    Auto-fills all relevant deal-related fields, ensuring all client interactions are accurately reflected


Piper seamlessly integrates with your existing stack

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Microsoft Teams

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Frequently asked questions

Why should I use Piper?
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If you're a sales rep: Tired of the daily CRM grind? Piper keeps flawless records of your customer interactions and gives you the tools you need to focus on closing deals.

If you're a sales director or Rev Ops: Witness a transformed sales process where reps are significantly more productive and CRM data is always complete and spot-on. Piper delivers clarity, aiding you in strategic and data-driven decisions for superior sales outcomes.
How does Piper work with my CRM?
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Piper seamlessly integrates with popular CRMs. It automatically updates your CRM with information after every sales call and email, ensuring consistent and accurate data without the usual hassle of manually entering the data. Please check our Integrations section to see if your CRM is already supported. 
How is Piper different from popular transcription tools?
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Piper not only transcribes your sales calls, but also understands the conversation and derives actionable insights, ensuring that you're always a step ahead in your sales process. In addition, Piper is the only tool that fully automates CRM data entry after every call, boasting more than 50 standard fields, plus the custom ones that you may need.
How does Piper handle data privacy?
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Protecting your data and your client's data is of paramount importance, which is why Piper is GDPR compliant.
How much does Piper cost? 
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Piper operates on a monthly fee per user model. For specific pricing details, reach out to us. Remember, we also offer a one-month free trial to test out all of Piper's features!
How difficult is it to integrate Piper?
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We pride ourselves on offering the smoothest onboarding process known in the industry. The onboarding journey is a guided, self-serve experience, taking only 10-15 minutes.
How accurate is Piper?
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Piper offers industry-beating accuracy, yet for your peace of mind, you can always review and adjust the data before it's uploaded to your CRM.

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