About Piper

If you've been in Sales, or know any salesperson, you’re more than likely aware that CRMs can make your life miserable. Reps spend a significant amount of time on mundane data entry, while managers complain about inaccurate and incomplete data. And that’s their catch-22: to get quality data to run their business, they inevitably end up burdening their teams with CRM data entry, which distracts them from selling. This remains one of the biggest unsolved problems in Sales.

We’ve been there, felt the pain– both as reps and managers– and we decided to do something about it.

Piper was conceived as the go-to unintrusive partner for sales teams. It blends in, does the heavy lifting, and lets salespeople shine. Here's the gist: Piper solves many of the every-day pains of sales reps, and in doing so, it also provides managers with the insights they so desperately need.

Who are the folks behind Piper? At the helm are Sergio, Rodrigo, and Michele, a trio that has made notable marks in top-tier tech firms, and embarked successfully on previous entrepreneurial journeys. Working alongside them is a world-class team of tech, AI, and sales professionals who are determined to redefine the sales space.


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